Snæfellsnes iron-distance triathlon, Iceland l Saturday, 24th June, 2017

Snæfellsnes Járnkarl

Iron distance triathlon in Iceland


190 kilometers around Snæfellsnes. The temperature and wind conditions are impossible to say anything wise about, so I won't. However you need to be prepaired for a scenario like; 8 degrees Celsius and 10 m/s wind speed.


The planed bike course is: Around the peninsula (170 K) plus 20 K from Lárvaðall to Ólafsvik. Total ascent is about 1700 meters.


The bike course is open to regular traffic and there will be no marking of the route.


The athlete and support team must at all time follow Icelands road traffice regulations.


There is no cut-off time.


We will refill water/energy bottles at Arnarstapi (65 K) and at Vegamót (125 K). Make sure to have enough energy with you on the bike and make sure the athlete can always get in contact with the support team through telephone (all team members and the athlete must wear a telephone).


Two notes:

1) It's a fact that wildlife is varied on Snæfellsnes; this is of course fantastic, however the downside, for a cyclist in particular is, that there are also some very aggressive birds, espacially kría. They are noicy and fly very close, and can give you a knock on the helmet. The area around Hellissandur, and a few other places on the bike leg, is where you will become acquainted with them.

2) It's a fact that it's a long and hard day for both the athlete and the support team. The athlete needs a 100% support when swimming and running (primarily for safety reasons). My point is, the support team need to get some rest, and the cycling leg is probably the best time to do so. My support, Melkorka, had of course her phone turned on in case of emergency, but managed to get almost 3 hours of sleep while I was biking in 2013. It took me maybe an "extra" 15 minutes because I had to refill my bottles my self, but come on, then I also got the change to tell a person in a store about my trip.


The planed bike course and elevation profile is showed below (notice total elevation says 2252 meters - measured in Google earth, but my Suunto watch showed about 1700 meters).


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