Snæfellsnes iron-distance triathlon, Iceland l Saturday, 24th June, 2017

Snæfellsnes Járnkarl

Iron distance triathlon in Iceland


4 kilometers in Lárvaðall lagoon. The water temperature is expected to be somewhere in the range from 12-15 degrees Celsius.


Note: It is possible and likely that the water temperature is below the "normal" permitted range according to intenational triathlon rules and guidelines. It is the athletes solo decision to whether or not to do the swim section and the organizer will not take any responsibility for this.


Do not expect there will be help from people in kayaks, medical crew or navigation marks (no buoys, only landmarks). You must be able to do all yourself - only with help from your own team if necessary.


The swim will start at 11:00 am. There is no cut-off time on the swim leg, and the swim will not be shortened by the organiser, unless the weather conditions are really extreme (see discussion below). However this is an unofficial event, and if you don't feel it's responsible to continue swimming, then just get out of the water and continue to the biking section.


Full-model wetsuit, wool underware, neoprene socks and neoprene hood plus an extra colorful cap, are highly recommended.


The swim course will be one of the two alternatives showed on the pictures below. It will be decided only 5-10 minutes before the start, which of the swim courses will be used, and will depend on the weather forecasts, where the kría nests are (very aggressive birds) etc.

Independent of which course will be decided, the way the distance is accomplished, is by clapping a team members hand every time you hit the shore and give/receive a Okay/Not okay to continue. On top if this, the team member must/should take a picture when the athlete ends the swim. This approach is primarily for safety reasons but it is also a easy way to track time (timestamp on picture).


A few words about why the swim will not be shortened in case of "normal" extreme (cold water and/or very windy) weather conditions.

It's a fact, that the weather in Iceland can be very volatile, meaning in worst case cold water and/or very windy. Lárvaðall lagoon is a semi-fresh water lagoon and the dept is between 1,5 - 2 meters on 95% of all of the swim courses. The relatively low dept increases the safety, without making it easier to swim. Even though the wind is strong - and it can easily be on Snæfellsnes - the lagoon is protected a lot by the wind, making it relatively wind-resident. In case of cold water (around 12-13.5 degrees Celsius) the "Alternative 1" swim course will definitely be chosen.


Note: Independent of the chosen course it will be an option to split the swimming in two parts; do 2600 meters of swimming to start out with (4 crossings "Alternative 1" or 2 main crossings "Alternative 2"), then enter the bike and after passing the place again after about 170 K's, just jump off your saddle and do the last 1300 meters of swimming, before completing the last 20 K's of biking.

A few recommendable advices:

- Have a blanket to put around after leaving the water and changing to cycle clothing - a learning from 2013!

- Training for a swim time below 1 hour and 20 minutes.

- Swim training should include navigation in open water using landmarks (an important skill in this event).

- Remember this is just something we do for fun, so don't push yourself "over the edge" in the water - STOP if you feel very cold or dizzy.

- Look after each other - the payoff from helping a person is much higher than being 5 minutes faster.

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