Snæfellsnes iron-distance triathlon, Iceland  l  Saturday, 13th June, 2020

Snæfellsnes Járnkarl

Iron distance triathlon in Iceland

About 43 kilometers close to Snæfellsjökull.     

Note: The icelandic nature can be very unpredictable and there are many examples of people who have not had the sufficient respect for the nature and therefor were badly injured or even died. It is the athletes solo decision to whether or not to do the run section and the organiser will not take any responsibility for this.

Comparied to normal running sections in an iron-distance triathlon, this running is much harder and more challenging (e.g. total ascent is as a minimum about 1500 meters; the running-surface is very tricky; loose stones, big grass clods, water, snow; no organized medical crew or help; risk of getting lost; the weather).

We will do the running together in a group and meet with the support teams 1-2 times to refill water and energy.

The athlete has to bring: A functional mobile phone (this also applies to all team members).

    A camelbag that can carry at least 1.5 liters of fluid and energy.

The support team has to bring: A detailed map of Snæfellsnes.

There will be no physical marking of the route. The course will, depending on the demand from the participants, be given as GPS coordinates and/or on a detailed map. Still, it can not be said too many times; the Icelandic nature is unpredictable and athleterne must be mentally-set on this.

There is no cut-off time.

Support team:

Make sure to have enough energy and water with you at all time (it's not easy to get food or cola at 2 pm. on a sunday morning, and especially the athlete also need to have something to eat and drink afterwards). You can't buy too much, but certainly too little!

Try to stay cool and solution-oriented, but also be ready to make a hard decision. It is the althetes solo responsibility to do this event and to continue or not. However I have made the gentleman agreement with my support team, that she can dictate me to STOP at all time - and without any reason, just her intuition.         

Take it easy, enjoy the spectacular surroundings and feel the energy from Snæfellsjökull!

The planed run course in 2020 is the one below. However, do to the tricky weather, it is not possible to decide a 100% on the run course untill the day before the event so corrections may be necessary (I want the "best" course given the circumstances). Compaired to the previus 6 years the planed course in 2019 will be brand new for all of us including me e.g. I have never seen or been to the first 12 K of the course (about 6 K of lava running and 6 K of beach running).   


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