Snæfellsnes iron-distance triathlon, Iceland  l  Saturday, 13th June, 2020

Snæfellsnes Járnkarl

Iron distance triathlon in Iceland

This page, together with the COURSE page are mandatory reading before race start. It's also informative to read the EVENT REPORTS for e.g. 2016 & 2015.

Alignment of expectations and important notes

It is important to state, that the event is unofficial, and that the "organization" behind is just a private person (me), who wants to combine to passions: Tough long distance triathlon and the most spectacular and magical nature on Earth.

It is a almost 100% self-supportive event, meaning the athlete must have a support team to take care of supplies and helping with everything the athlete needs during the event. This includes energy and water refill, extra clothing, transport of all equipment from start to finish, fixing of all kinds of damages (e.g. bike breakdown, injury), special needs and so on. Do not expect any organized help from volunteers, medical people or mechanics - it is the athletes (and support teams) adventure, including fixing all kinds of challenges that shows up (a bit like Tour de France in the old days).

It is a free of charge event (no entry fee).

We do the event together in a group. If there is a large difference in the athletic level within the group, we find a solution to this.

There is no cut-off times, no prizes to win and no planned "show" around the event.   

Every athlete and support member must wear a mobile phone during cycle and run leg.

Compaired to "normal" long distance triathon races this event is different in many ways. Therefor carefully read the course descriptions.       


The athlete has to be at least 18 years old and in very good shape. 

Do not leave litter anywhere in the nature.

Follow normal traffic regulations on the bike leg.

Registration and cancellation

Send me an e-mail if you want to participate. If you want to cancel again, just send a new one.

Minimum number of athletes is 1, maximum number is 10.         

The event will be moved or cancelled in case of extremely bad weather (and will probably just be moved a day forward/backward). However, "normally" bad weather e.g. 12 degrees water temperature, 8 degrees air temperature and 10 m/s wind speed is not considered extremely bad weather - it's only "normal" weather.

Support team

Melkorka (pregnant in week 27) was my support team in 2013 and again with a baby on the back set in the car in 2014 - this was enough for me, but I will recommend a team a bit more physically assist (for safety reasons).

The support team must have:

A car with room for the athlete, all team members, all the gear and stuff the athlete needs (swim, bike and run equipment, energy, water, clothes, special needs ect.).

A mobile phone pr. team member.

A detailed map of the area.

A good camera.


It's highly recommended that the team can communicate in English, is able to swim and run, keeps cool and solution-oriented under pressure and will by no mean what so ever miss this experiance with her/his friend or family.         


From January 2020 to 11th June 2020

All relevant information will be published on Facebook. If you think this event would be something you would like to participate in/or just hear more about, feel free to contact me (e-mail:,

12th June 2020 (pre race meeting)

There will be an presentation and information meeting between 04.00 - 08.00 pm. in Arnarstapi or Ólafvík.

13th June 2020 (race day)

Between 10.00 am. - 11.00 am. athletes will get ready at the swim site.

Start goes off at 11.00 am.

Event ends when athletes arrives at Hreggnesi (somewhere between 1.00 am and 6.00 am Sunday morning).

14th June 2020

Meet for a lunch at 1-2 pm.

Short about the organizer (me) and what service level to expect

I (Peter) come from and live in Denmark with my Icelandic wife Melkorka and our 4 children. We both have full time jobs (CFO and nurce). 


I have completed multible iron-distance triathlons (e.g. Bergen triathlon 2011, Kalmar ironman 2012). For the last 20-25 weeks before a race I manage on average about 8-10 hours of training pr. week.

To sum up what this implies to the service level from my side: Don't hesitate a second to write me an e-mail, just be aware that there can be some respons time. If it's questions about accommondation, turist information etc., it's much better and easier to directly contact the information centers on the peninsula.     


Look forward to see you and your team in 2020.

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